Kickstarting your

continuous improvement journey... applying the concept of Lean in any business or production process,

from manufacturing to marketing and software development. 


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"....and then all of a sudden, the moment arrives when everything falls into place. The fog disappears and the way forward becomes clear. 

At that particular moment, with everybody on board, the team starts enjoying the journey...."

 Bouke van Zinderen

Lean Blackbelt Consultant

Continuous Improvement Specialist

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Lean Six Sigma is a method being used by an increasing number of companies to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of a process, but it is not just a goal. We developed a unique '100-day approach', implementing Lean Six Sigma to accomplish continuous and measurable improvement.  

Saral BT compares the process to a journey and considers it important to have everybody onboard, because the solution always lies within  the teams themselves. Being the tour guide Saral BT knows how to gather all travellers and have them find the solution together.  

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Every journey is different. Different people, a different location and a different culture. But all journeys lead to the same destination: continuous improvement.

Saral BT works in any business segment, from manufacturing to marketing and software development.

Here are some examples of recent journeys that Saral made, together with various satisfied customers. Click on the pictures to read more.

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